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Start Your Hair Regrowth Journey With Us...


Will this grow my hair?

Yes, our regrowth serum is designed to fill in bald spots and stimulate hair regrowth quickly. Fuller and longer hair is possible with our regrowth serum, as well as our other hair regrowth products, including our shampoo and conditioner.

Are these hair regrowth products all-natural?

Yes, our hair regrowth products are all-natural and contain no harmful chemicals. Our serum in particular is made from herbs, fruit oils, and essential oils that nourish your hair to health. The fact that it works is the reason why it is one of the most beloved regrowth serums on the market.

Do these hair regrowth products really work?

Yes, our serum at Hair Spa LA does work, and the fact that more than 25,000 bottles of it have been sold is evidence of this. Clients have praised our serum for giving them new hair growth and making their hair softer and shinier. Our serum and other products have also earned a reputation for effectively restoring damaged edges. 

Which product do you recommend?

We recommend our Extra Strength Hair Serum, which promotes hair regrowth and stimulates hair follicles. For the best results, you can take advantage of our serum bundled with our shampoo and conditioner as well. Our biotin-rich conditioner is enriched with shea butter to provide your scalp with the hydration and moisture it needs. In addition, our biotin-rich shampoo is designed to suit hair that is sensitive and sheds easily.

What ingredients do your products contain?

Our serums feature aloe vera, which promotes healthy growth due to the proteolytic enzymes it contains. The enzymes break down your scalp’s dead cells, which may clog your hair follicles. As a result, more nutrients can penetrate your hair follicles and therefore help your locks to grow more efficiently and quickly.
The other main ingredients featured in our serum include coconut oil, which is excellent at sealing in moisture, and hemp, which increases your hair’s elasticity. Castor oil is also included to increase your hair’s thickness and repair damage. 

How long does it take for your serum to start working?

We have heard from clients who began to notice results in their hair in as little as three days to as long as two weeks. Our products promote a healthy hair regrowth journey. If you continue to use these serums and kits regularly, you will see results in a short period of time.