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About Us


Hair Spa LA is your leading expert in hair and scalp health and a premier provider of top-of-the-line natural regrowth products. We got our start as a hair salon in Los Angeles, but we soon decided to recreate ourselves as an online hair growth store to help more women to restore their crown and regain their confidence. Today, we are proud to provide knowledge about scalp and hair care while also offering game-changing hair restoration products to people all over the world.

Our Mission

At Hair Spa LA, our mission is to help people who are struggling with hair loss and alopecia by providing them with all-natural hair regrowth solutions. Our products maintain a track record of success in facilitating hair growth without causing additional damage to the hair and scalp. We are passionate about connecting with customers and helping them with their emotional hair struggles by offering knowledgeable support — we want to show our beautiful customers what their comfortable hair journeys could be like — every growing inch of the way.

What Makes Us Unique

We formulate our products at Hair Spa LA with the active compounds found in herbs, which we extract from the organically grown extracts of plants. We use no chemicals in our products. As a result, our products are all-natural and certified organic. In addition, our hair vitamins, rice water co-wash, and serum in particular are certified vegan.

Our products also follow strict quality testing at all production levels and are Food and Drug Administration approved. In addition, we adhere to good manufacturing practices and World Health Organization guidelines. We are dedicated to providing only superior products, and the proof is in the quality of our hair products.

At Hair Spa LA, we also stand out for our stellar, personalized customer service for women and men struggling with hair loss and damage. Happy hair journeys keep us going. That’s the Hair Spa LA way.