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Hair Spa Products

Ready to say goodbye to damaged, shedding hair and hello to healthier hair you haven’t seen in years? Our hair regrowth products, ranging from our natural hair oil to our pomade and multivitamins, have you covered. These specially formulated products are designed to help regrow your locks quickly and keep them strong long-term. Shop our collection of hair spa products now to regrow your hair and your confidence.

Elevate Your Hair’s Health With Our Natural Hair Oil

Reviving your hair follicles is easier with our regrowth serum, which is shown to improve hair loss. This natural hair oil, filled with essential oils, fruit oils, and herbs, will stimulate the scalp to help transform your hair’s length and thickness.

To further rejuvenate your crown, wash and pamper it with our aloe vera–based shampoo and conditioner. These treatments will gently cleanse your scalp, therefore allowing more nutrients to penetrate your hair follicles. This translates to quicker and more efficient hair regrowth.

Give your hair a healthy boost with our other leading hair regrowth products from Hair Spa LA, like our scalp-stimulating brush, our edge control, and our microneedle roller for regrowing bald spots. With these products, it can be possible to generate new hair and protect your strands for years to come.

Experience Fuller, Thicker Hair

At Hair Spa LA, we are proud to offer high-quality hair regrowth products, including our certified vegan serums, rice water–based co-wash, and hair vitamins. All of our products are natural and shown to help get you results in a short period of time. For instance, you can easily regrow your hair an inch in thirty days and six inches in six months. Start your hair regrowth journey by placing an order today!