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How to Spot Early Signs of Hair Loss & What to Do

early signs of hair loss

Each time you look in the mirror, you see your hair becoming thinner and your receding crown becoming more prominent. And as a result, each glance is chipping away at your confidence.

The good news? Pinpointing your hair loss issue early on and securing a regrowth solution right away may help you to enjoy healthy, flowing locks in just a few weeks' time.

Here’s a rundown on how to spot early signs of hair loss, as well as what to do about your shedding hair in the coming months.

Common, Early Signs of Hair Loss

One of the major early signs of thinning hair is extra hair in the sink drain, the shower drain, or your brush. It is normal to lose some hair each day, but if you notice that you’re losing more hair than usual, you may have a hair problem that needs addressing right away.

Another sign of hair loss is the loss of a patch of hair occasionally. For instance, a strip of your locks may suddenly disappear. You might even notice some stinging or burning before this happens. Then, when you develop bald spots, you might notice these spots growing very slowly.

The earlier you address your hair loss, the greater your chances of slowing down and even stopping additional hair loss.

Additional Early Signs of Hair Loss

Yet another major indicator of hair loss is a receding hairline, most often seen in men. Meanwhile, women may notice that their ponytails are thinner. In this situation, they may find themselves having to wrap their hair bands around their ponytails more times than usual.

You may also be dealing with a hair loss issue if your nails begin to develop white patches, pitting, small craters, or splitting at the ends.

Steps To Improve Your Hair Loss

To address hair loss, here are a few of our tried and true solutions!

Our Hair Regrowth Serum and Extra Strength Hair Regrowth Serums can work wonders for those battling the early signs of thinning hair. The right serum will stimulate your hair’s regrowth and help repair hair damage using natural ingredients like tea tree oil, carrot oil, and coconut oil.

woman with thick, healthy hair

Improve Your Hair Quality With Help From Hair Spa LA

At Hair Spa LA, we are proud to offer a number of hair regrowth products that are proven to help people struggling with the early signs of hair loss and thinning hair. Our organic, FDA-approved products are designed to help hair regrowth without causing additional damage to your scalp and hair.

In addition to providing quality treatments with no side effects, we are excited to offer superior and personalized customer service. We are honored to connect with you and support you in the emotional experience of hair loss, ultimately helping you achieve the results you deserve. Begin your regrowth journey with Hair Spa LA today!

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